Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A serious man, by the Coen Brothers

   Amazing movie where the life of an university Physics professor starts taking more turns than he can cope with.

   His wife is meeting Al Silberman and asks for divorce. His daughter just cares about washing her hair, and going to 'The Hole'. His son's bar-mitzvah is around the corner. He's waiting for a tenured position. His brother depends on him, and so on.

   There are 'quantum connections' between his actions and other events. Like his simultaneous car accident and death of Silberman.

    The story finishes when he takes the action of accepting a bribe and changing a student's grades from 'F' to 'C-'. While he marks the minus sign, his doctor calls to report the results of his recent X-ray exam. Are the brothers insinuating this is another 'quantum connection'?

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