Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sólo con tu pareja, by Alfonso Cuarón

   Hillarious first movie by mexican director Alfonso Cuarón.

   A Don Juanesque character gets in love with his gorgeous new neighbor, a stewardess. She is already engaged, to a pilot, obviously. Through a plot set by one of his affairs, a nurse, he believes erroneously he has HIV and wants to kill himself. Great timing, as the stewardess, after catching her beau flying in other company, has the same plans for herself...

   This movie's color palette is amazing. And the timing and composition of the story remind me of old comedies from the time comedies where fun (like Preston Sturges, Billy Wilder, ...). On the extras the director and his brother (author of the screeenplay) mention Blake Edwards and Lubitsch, other masters of the genre.

   The same pair worked in Y tu mama también, a movie with more exposure than their first. But not as successful in my humble opinion.

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