Monday, October 4, 2010

Crumb, by Terry Zwigoff

   Amazing documentary on Robert Crumb and his brothers. Terry Zwigoff, was intimate with the graphical artist during the long recording of this movie and this makes a lot of difference on the depth the story is told.

   Insanity runs wild in the Crumb family. The fact that Robert has had a successful carrer doesn't free him from its spell. One of his brothers has never left his mothers' home and the other is shown swallowing a piece of chord and lives out of begging. One has the impression we are seeing a number of parallel possibilities for the same person, as they share interests and obsessions.

   It's revealing to see Crumb relating to women and compare with his prolific drawings of them. Same comment is valid for his family. He seems lost in a world he can't grasp the meaning of. So he draws what he sees.

   At the end, Robert leaves America to live in France, where he drew his - recently released - 'Genesis'. Beginnings.



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