Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunset Boulevard, by Billy Wilder

   Billy Wilder is one of my favourite directors and Sunset Boulevard is among his better accomplishments. The screenplay is very elaborated and deserves beeing read after seeing the movie.

   In Los Angeles, a screenwriter in a crisis, not able produce work that enables him to pay his debts and is threatened to lose his car. While running away from his debtors, he runs into an old rich house, where he hides and discovers a new connection with the movies. The house is inhabited by an old actress from the silent movie era and her waiter.

   The way the story is told, from the dead writer's standpoint, is very powerful. If there is a better movie about movies than this one, let me know. I haven't seen it!

   Some phrases on this movie are part of movie mythology. [TODO: Copy some of these phases from my notebook]

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