Monday, November 8, 2010

Chungking Express, by Wong Kar-Wai

   This movie follows stories of two young cops 223 and 663 getting in love, or searching for it in Hong Kong on the early nineties. The stories are connedted more by location than by theme. And I don't see much of what one stories completes the other.

   On the first story, we follow a woman organizing drug traffic and killing her ex partner. She connects with 223 while he is waiting his ex-girlfrind to contact him. He marks the time buying pineaple cans with the same expiration date.

   The second story is more interesting. A cop is attached to a flight attendant. While he waits for her returnt, he meets another young woman. She gets his apartment keys from a letter sent by the stewardess, and starts visiting his place and changing things. A number of funny scenes show his embracing of these changes. And  his discovery of her presence in his apartment. Based on some absurd misunderstanding, they're appart for an year. On this time she turned into a stewardess herself and he is now in charge of the food place where she used to work.

    I love this movie. It has a lot of what makes movies special. The visual metaphors are fresh and spontaneous, reminding the early Godard (as in Breathless). The relationship the characters have with food are really funny, and also their relation with inanimate objects.

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