Monday, November 22, 2010

The Traveller, by Abbas Kiarostami (1973)

   A young boy in Iran is psyched about soccer. He reads soccer magazines, plays it with his friends. He can't focus on school, as his mind is fixated on the game next day in Tehram.

   He does anything to collect money money for the bus fare and game tickets. And stealing from his mother is the least of his crimes to collect it.

   He finally gets to reach the stadium only to find that tickets where sold out. He buys it on the black market. He finds a good seat. Finally, after all the little crimes, that will give him a hard time, when he returns, he will get to see his heroes playing the important match. Or will he?

   This was the first movie by Kiarostami, who would get to direct important movies like 'Taste of Cherry' and 'Close Up'.

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