Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Social Network, by David Fincher (2010)

   It's interesting to hear all the fuss around this movie among the tech people and among the huge number of Facebook users. Some are really fast to demonize the company's young and controversial creator.

   I loved the movie. It flows in a really fast pace and there is a lot of information to absord. But the viewer's curiosity is hold by following the creation of the business and following the hearings for the lawsuits by a former associate and by the twins that had hired Mark to build their Social Networking site and where surprised to see another site created by him offering what they claim to be the same service, stealing the idea.

  The creation of FB is shown as an act of revenge after the site creator was dumped by his girlfriend. The return to this theme at the end of the movie was lovelly and enigmatic, with Mark dully reloading a webpage with the FB invitation from his exgirlfriend, as if asking himself what to do with this? How to deal with these emotions?

   There is an interesting profile of Zuckerberg on New Yorker magazine - The Face of Facebook, by Jose Antonio Vargas. 

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