Monday, December 6, 2010

Stranger than Paradise, by Jim Jarmusch

   The movie is divided in three pieces:

[the new world]
   A young man of hungarian descent recives his cousin straight from Hungary in his tiny New York apartment. Their communication is hard and she's stranded there for ten days before she can go to Ohio.

   Her discovery of America is very far from meeting a dream land. her cousin is not very receptive and their attempts to communicate are hard. At some point she asks where does the meet in his TV dinner comes from, to answer something like: Well, this is America, we don't know where food comes from.

[one year later]
    The two boys get some money with their card tricks and borrow a car to drive to Ohio and visit the girl. Their aunt, at whose house the girl is staying, is a relly funny character, mumbling in Hungarian.

    They run away from the cold Ohio and drive to Florida. Florida is not very different from New York or Ohio. The boys lose on dog fight and win on horse races. She is not allowed to follow them, but money comes miraculously if you're using the right hat!

    She runs to the airport to get a ticket back. They all end up going to different places.

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