Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taste of Cherry, by Abbas Kiarostami (1997)

   Kiarostami won the Cannes prize with 'Taste of Cherry'. I have seen it at theaters when it was relased first. And some other times afterwards.

    A man, drives his Range Rover on Tehram, talking to people on the streets, looking for someone to cover his body with sand in case he succeeds to kill himself at a specified point in the outskirts of the city.

   He talks to a young kurdish recruit, to an afghan watcher at a cement factory, to an afghan seminarist, and to a turkish taxidermist that finnaly accepts his request.

   He then returns home and at night is driven by a taxi to the place where his 'accomplice' should find him.

   A storm is forming above the man, while he enters the hole, supposedly after taking an overdose of sleeping pills. His eyes look tired, flashes of the storm lighten his face and this is the last we will see in this context.

   [image is cut to a more granular camera image]
   On the same region, we see soldiers training, and hanging out. We see the director and his crew. We see the main actor.

   What does it mean? Obviously, you will need to make it up by yourself.

   One option: Mr. Badii died and he met God, or the director of the movie...

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