Monday, December 13, 2010

Walkabout, by Nicholas Roeg (1971)

   Here I find Nick Roeg again. My first was 'The man who fell to Earth'. I was a teenager, and the movie completelly changed my idea of what can be done in a science fiction story. The feeling of isolation of Bowie in this strange planet was as harrowing as can be. Second was 'Bad Timing', with this blast of an ending, with no words beeing said, but so much information.

   On Walkabout, Roeg does it again. Here he stretched the reach of cinema language. The images of Autralian nature, the harship of life in the wild and the relationship between city life and natural life is shown as it is - complicated and destructive. The cuts between hunting scenes and a butcher cutting meat, or the girl and boy playing in the tree with the aborigine while an aborigine family was playing around the remains of the car. 

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